The Royal Gazette, Letters to the Editor, July 8, 2024, by BPB Team Member, Tony Prentice

Below I list a number of steps that should be taken to demonstrate that the Government is actually serious about becoming more sustainable, improving health and fighting climate change.

Bermuda should be a model to the world in this regard. There has been a lot of fuss re attending the various conferences on climate change but very little action to date.

• Introduce legislation to prohibit the use of single-use plastic (promised since 2018)

• Educate people on the health risks of microplastics, nanoplastics and “forever chemicals”

• Reduce customs duty on alternate products to single-use plastic to ensure competitiveness

• Provide adequate EV chargers island-wide

• Reduce the customs duty on electric vehicles to ensure that they are competitive

• Ensure effective recycling of electric vehicle batteries

• Expand solar farms

• Introduce a pilot scheme for wave power electricity

• Reduce the customs duty on solar panels

• Make solar mandatory for new build and renovation construction

• Introduce mandatory recycling

• Provide sufficient trash and recycling bins, and ensure that they are emptied

• Ensure electricity sold to the grid from solar is fairly priced

• Enforce fines for littering

• Provide education in schools on sustainability and climate change

• Force Belco to use the cleanest fuel oil for electricity production

• Subsidise LED lighting

• Encourage and advise on the use of tank water

• Encourage and advise on water conservation

• Encourage and advise on home-grown food and composting

• Ensure an electric public transport schedule that is a viable alternative to cars

• Educate people on carbon emissions; how to measure and reduce

• Commit to a carbon emission target and monitor publicly