An environmental conservation group focused on eliminating single-use plastic in Bermuda has launched a website.

Beyond Plastic Bermuda has included information on the site that is aimed at educating the community on the detrimental effects of plastic on health and the environment. There are also practical solutions on how to minimise single-use plastics in our day-to-day lives.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “Beyond Plastic Bermuda’s goal is to encourage innovation and public/private partnerships to create sustainable models for a reduction in single-use plastics.

“The Government’s intention is to ban 12 categories of items. While not an easy change, it is a vital one for the community.

“Bermuda has the opportunity to become a world leader in demonstrating how a community can live plastic-free which will not only clean up the environment and improve our health but also be attractive to travellers who seek out healthy and sustainable destinations.

“Beyond Plastic Bermuda encourages the community to start reducing their single-use plastic consumption even one item at a time. Begin by saying no to plastic bags, cutlery and sachets in takeout orders, plastic water and drink bottles, coffee cups and pods.

“The group urges the public to visit the new website and see the many alternatives that can be used to substitute for single-use plastics and the simple swaps that can be made.”

The website also offers the latest news and scientific discoveries about plastics. Additionally, corporate, retail and food businesses can sign up to become “BPB Champions” through actions taken to reduce plastic usage. Successful businesses will be awarded a BPB Champion badge.

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