A year into their partnership aimed at helping to move the community beyond single-use plastic, the environmental campaign group Beyond Plastic Bermuda and Bacardi have celebrated their progress to date.

The Government intends to introduce legislation this year to ban 12 categories of single-use plastics.

The Beyond Plastic campaign said it has spoken to thousands of Bermudians in the past 24 months on the street, in boardrooms, on the radio, in restaurants, supermarkets, through their computers and on social media.

The campaign continues to inspire businesses through its Champions for Change programme, of which Bacardi led the way a year ago.

Katie Berry, campaign lead, said: “We are delighted to announce our first school champion, BHS and our first restaurant group, Little Venice Restaurant & Bar, who have achieved bronze and silver status.

“The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Aspen and PwC are new business champions, as well as Sportseller.”

All these businesses have worked through the Champions programme to receive single-use-free status, Beyond Plastic said.

Of particular note, the organisation added, is Little Venice which has worked hard to find alternatives and promote reuseables to achieve silver status.

The campaign encourages other restaurateurs to get in touch to see how it can be done.

Danny Lim, executive chef at Little Venice, said the restaurant made the move away from plastic to paper bags, cardboard and aluminium containers, bamboo straws and plant-based cutlery.

He said: “We completely switched over from plastic to paper and aluminium.”

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