Environmental groups said they were dismayed by the lack of environmental measures in last week’s Throne Speech.

While the 2022 Throne Speech highlighted several environmental issues, such as climate change, and promised a Bill to reduce single-use plastics on the island, this year’s Throne Speech was quiet on the topic.

A spokeswoman for Beyond Plastic Bermuda said they were disappointed that single-use plastic legislation was not included in the Throne Speech, but that they believed proposals were still being solidified.

“We understand through conversations with Government stakeholders that a paper is due to be read by Cabinet and the mechanics that will make legislation successful is being worked on,” she said.

“We hope the Government will not delay and despite there being no mention that legislation will come before Parliament in 2024.”

The spokeswoman added that the charity continued to work on community education projects and engage local businesses through their Champions programme.

“Ultimately, we believe the community can create the change that is required with or without legislation,” she said.

“We all just need to keep taking small steps, refusing single-use plastic where we can and seeking alternatives, which collectively will make a huge impact.

“It is all up to us as individuals to say no to single-use plastic for the health of our community and our island home.”

Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs, said last November that the Government intended to implement the first phase of its plan to reduce single-use plastics in that parliamentary session.

He also stressed the importance of minimising adverse economic effects that could come with such a move and that further consultation would take place.

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