Bernews, June 5, 2023

On June 8, 2023, the environmental campaign group, Beyond Plastic Bermuda and Bacardi celebrated the one year anniversary of their successful partnership helping to move the community beyond single-use plastic.

At the cocktail affair held at the Bacardi Headquarter’s 1862 Bar, Douglas Mello, Managing Director of Bacardi’s Bermuda office, said: “At Bacardi, we are committed to leading positive change, both within our business and within our communities.

“Doing the right thing for the long-term and looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic will lead to positive environmental changes that create a healthier future for our community.

“As a Beyond Plastic Champion for Change, we hope to inspire local businesses and individuals to join this impactful environmental campaign and help put an end to plastic pollution.”

The spokesperson said, “The Government intends to ban 12 categories of single-use plastics later this year highlighted in a speech made by the Deputy Premier, the Hon. Walter Roban at the Bacardi Headquarters during the celebration. In his comments he acknowledged it was not an easy change but said that it was a vital one for the community.”

The Deputy Premier added that the Government is committed to legislation. “Using a phased approach, the Government remains committed to introducing a Bill to reduce single-use plastics beginning in the coming months. We have committed to ensuring that the public have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Bill as well. While the aim is to have a positive impact on the environment and human health, we are aware of the need to avoid any adverse economic effects.”

The spokesperson said, “The Beyond Plastic Campaign continues to go from strength to strength having spoken to thousands of Bermudians in the last 24 months on the street, in boardrooms, on the radio, in restaurants, supermarkets, through their computers and on social media. The Campaign continues to inspire businesses through its Champions programme, of which Bacardi led the way a year ago.”

Katie Berry, campaign lead says, “We are delighted to announce our first school champion, BHS and our first restaurant group, Little Venice Restaurant & Bar who have achieved Bronze and Silver status. The Royal Amateur Dinghy Club [RHADC], Aspen and PwC are new business champions, as well as Sportseller.”

The spokesperson said, “All of these businesses have worked through the Champions programme to receive single-use free status. Of particular note is the Little Venice Restaurant who have worked hard to find alternatives and promote reusables in order to achieve Silver status. The campaign encourages other restauranteurs to get in touch to see how it can be done. They are encouraged to visit Beyond Plastic’s website to find out how:”

Danny Lim of Little Venice Restaurant says, “It was a struggle at the beginning, but as the product became easily available at a lower cost it makes it simple to switch. We at Little Venice believe in this programme; and becoming more environmentally friendly. Make the change today for a better tomorrow. Reuse, recycle, and reduce the waste for a better future.”

Katie Berry added: “We are thankful to all the retailers, restauranteurs, schools, clubs, businesses and individuals who are Champions, leading the way and being Beyond Plastic Champions. We all know change is not easy. It does not happen overnight and it is always slower than we would hope. In order to get there we need everyone working together… we do need legislation but we need individuals to make the changes and we need businesses to see that the future is single-use plastic free. Ultimately, our island will be the better for it but even more importantly our people and their health will be. We all have a responsibility to the future.

“We realise it may not be possible to be perfectly plastic free but if everyone reduced the number of single-use plastic items they use daily, it would make a huge difference”.